AJ Mayer-Gesto

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, learnt new skills, and made new friends in a new city. It was both therapeutic and fun. Thank you!
Being on the Comedy Course has given me confidence and encouraged me to be creative. Thanks to Ali Jay, who was so positive, helpful, professional, warm, encouraging and a great tutor all round. Also she’s an amazing comedian! This course enabled people from different backgrounds to meet and make long lasting friendships.

Alice J Crouch

This course is exceeded my expectations by miles. Not only did it provide me with enough tools and knowledge to feel comfortable and confident enough to start looking at doing the circuit. I did not expect by the end of this to have found a new love in performing stand up! This course provided me with a huge amount of knowledge and experience to start performing in stand up. I did not only leave this course with so much more confidence and knowledge, but I genuinely have walked away with a group of lifelong friends. This really was a unique and amazing course. Thank you Ali Jay!
Some stand-up course participants creating mirth
I never intended to do any stand up as a result of this course, I was viewing it as a way to meet people and give myself a bit of therapy. But the Ali-Jay and the rest of the participants made me feel so safe and encouraged me so much that my confidence built over the course. And I did something I never thought I would ever do, a 5 minute stand up routine in front of a room full of people. Will I ever do stand up again, probably not but the confidence and growth I have experienced as a result of this course will stay with me forever. Hopefully as will the friendships.
It was good not to go too much into either the emotional or mental side of things, just doing it. It was a laugh! I have done it before but preferred doing it with Ali Jay, they are really enthusiastic about it and you feel totally relaxed about doing silly things which really helped the process. I had lots of fun and enjoyed it, I can see how this would be a useful way of supporting your well-being as it helps you to relax and let go of having to be serious all the time. Ali Jay is one of the best humans, she puts her heart into these sessions and how passionate she is about it (and laughter) really helps you settle into it and get the most out of the workshop.