About Laughter Yoga

Dr. Madan Kataria, a medical doctor from Mumbai, was inspired by the research that showed that laughter could reduce stress, improve mental and physical health, and boost the immune system. He began the first laughter club in March 1995 with only five people in Lokhandwala Park, Andheri West. This was to bring people together and to provide a platform for them to come together and laugh.  Initially, the group used jokes and funny stories but quickly ran out of them as hostile and offensive jokes started to pop up. Dr. Kataria finally found his answer based on the scientific fact that our bodies cannot distinguish between genuine and fake laughter. They both produce the same ‘happy chemistry’.  The next day he explained this to the group and asked them to try to act out laughter with him for one minute. Despite their scepticism, they agreed to try – and the results were fantastic. Several people soon turned the acted-out laughter into real laughter – this was contagious, and others began to follow soon.  This breakthrough led to Laughter Yoga. Within minutes of beginning Laughter Yoga, the group laughed like never before. —– The mission of Laughter Yoga is to promote health, happiness, and world peace through laughter.  Laughter Yoga is a unique exercise program that combines laughter exercises with yoga breathing. Regularly sustained laughter provides a wide range of health benefits, including:

 ✅ Reduced stress⁣ and tension

✅ Lower blood pressure⁣

✅ Improved immune system

✅ Increased oxygen

✅ Improved mood and outlook on life⁣